Get to Know NutraLogics

NutraLogics’ single priority is to brand your practice with a turnkey supplement fulfillment solution that is simple, yet comprehensive. With NutraLogics, physicians can seamlessly sell preferred supplement brands from the nation’s leading manufacturers to patients in-office, online, and aggressively through NutraLogics’ advanced Auto Order Fulfillment solution. NutraLogics’ fully comprehensive supplement fulfillment solution makes it easy and focuses on generating more revenue to your bottom line.

NutraLogics is Advanced Technology

NutraLogics offers you all the tools you need to successfully manage in-office and online supplement sales, including an auto-fulfillment program that will allow you to generate revenue and keep your patients compliant to their prescribed supplement program.

Customer ServiceNutraLogics includes:

  • In-Office supplement earnings up to 50%
  • Earnings of up to 30% with the Auto Order Fulfillment solution
  • Unlike other distributors, Nutralogics focuses on branding your practice
  • Order processing, confirmation, and delivery
  • Central customer service center
  • In-Office inventory management
  • Automatic restocking simplified – you confirm, we ship
  • An easy, add-on widget for your website

NutraLogics Auto Order Fulfillment Generates “Auto Revenue”

The NutraLogics Auto Order Fulfillment solution is the greatest benefit for you to improve patient compliance while seamlessly generating more revenue to your bottom line. Simply prescribe your patients the supplements of your choice, get them enrolled in the Auto Order Fulfillment solution, and let Nutralogics handle the rest. NutraLogics Auto Order Fulfillment solution delivers multiple benefits for you and your patients, including:

  • Increased patient compliance
  • Customer service follow-up on credit card declines
  • Reoccurring patient auto-reorders = Reoccurring physician revenue